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Aesthetics, Esthetics


A branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and the beautiful. aesthete, aesthetic, n., adj. aesthetical, adj.

See also: Philosophy

PMR Fountain of Youth specializes in uncovering the beauty that resides within. Our mission is to restore each individual person to a place of balance and harmony, emerging with an undeniable glow that resonates from inside and the confidence gained when one looks and feels their best. Rebirth, protection, and evolution are our roadmap, and our destination is total body nirvana.

PMR Fountain Of Youth - Where Your Skincare And Personal Wellneas Are Our Passion

We recognize that true beauty is a unique journey with one singular purpose... to achieve the best version of oneself. With this mantra in mind, we offer a full menu of rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments designed to improve, protect and preserve the beauty that each of us have. At PMR Fountain Of Youth, we believe that the essence of living one's life to the fullest includes reaching the pinnacle of one's potential in all ways, from the inside out.

Personalized Imaging Program

PMR Fountain Of Youth lets you design your own personalized imaging program that will elevate your body and soul.  There are a plethora of treatments and services that will delight your senses and beautify your exterior.  Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals ensure you receive personalized service.  Consider a personal investment of your body and soul, rejuvenate yourself... and drink from the Fountain Of Youth, commencing the journey to a better you! 
PMR Fountain Of Youth proudly and ethically operates in conjunction with an onsite board-certified MD. Rest assured that we take skin and body treatments as seriously as any other organ treatment, as the skin is the largest organ in the body!  

We work with the top M.D. in town! Visit our partner practice here at!
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